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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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The Last Guardian was a beautiful game
bishi, keh, smirk
I waited almost 10 years for The Last Guardian. The experience of playing the game took me roughly 13 hours I think (I got the under 15 hours achievement). While the wait was frustrating and I should have been able to play this game 5 years ago, I was grateful to finally play it. I really enjoyed that the game elements of both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus have been combined to create The Last Guardian. Plus that lovely artsy aesthetic of nature and ancient ruins is totally my thing.

If you are an animal lover, you're going to fall in love with Trico very quickly. Many of his mannerisms reminded me of Ranma kitty. I spent a lot of time just patting Trico because it was cute. Like a real pet (especially cats), I found it amusing and realistic that Trico doesn't always immediately follow your commands. If he's hungry he stops and sits down and you'll have to feed him before you can continue anywhere. This wonderful bond is formed between you and this ingame majestic creature.

Stop reading if you have not played the game!!!

I absolutely knew that this game was going to make me cry. During various scenes through the game I was upset whenever Trico was injured. And I knew that when I did the last stretch to complete the game, that I'd have to do it when no one was around so I could just sit in front of the TV, unashamed with tears streaming down my face.

So on monday night when everyone else was in bed I played out the last few hours. I was right and the ending was quite traumatic to watch as your Trico gets beat up by the posessed Trico, while you try to find a way to stop them. It's heartwrenching! But then you defeat the hivemind/AI thing that was controlling them and manage to escape with Trico. After he drops you at your village he flys away...  the boy and Trico never see each other again, I find this so sad after they formed such a bond together. But it's bittersweet that they both survived and live on.

Ok now time for some of my own thoughts and feelings on the game world. None of this is confirmed/denied by the game itself as the story is quite open to interpretation, so its just the vibe I got.

  • I feel like before the valley was taken over by the orb thing, that the Trico creatures were revered rather than feared. But once they had been shackled and controlled, they became known as "man eaters" even though they were only bringing humans as sacrifices to feed the machine/alien being that controlled them.

  • None of the hivemind guards use the reflective mirror that you have and the other Trico don't seem to use their lightning tails. So that implied to me that this was something special about the mirror connecting humans and Trico. Like the tool of an ancient priest that watched over the Trico.

  • I remember right near the start of the game the boy (whos narrating as an adult looking back) says "I didn't know at the time I was in the heart of the nest" ... and at the end of the game cutscenes we get the implication that a baby Trico has been born. This wasn't some evil valley, it was a safehaven for the Trico. But somehow evil had got in and taken over, perhaps for hundreds of years, as many of the structures seem to be in ruins.

  • I'm not exactly sure why Trico hates the eye motifs that you have to destroy but if definitely seems like a device to prevent any uncontrolled Trico from escaping the valley.

  • I thought that when one of the villagers says "to be among the chosen" kind of weird when they thought people were being eaten by Trico... and perhaps prior to their possession, that people were chosen to live among the Trico in the valley as its Guardians... hence the title, The Last Guardian. As you the player character and Trico are the last sane beings left in the valley to free it from evil.