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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Tue, 13:05: Looking at stock photos of food for a website I'm working on and I'm salivating. I gotta go eat lunch! #webdesign #graphicdesign

Tue, 13:44: Having lunch in this cute gallery cafe in Boronia. Because I'd rather eat good food than buy a… https://t.co/JnchgPi3nU

Tue, 14:46: "Meal prep" really means "Mummy & Daddy don't pack my lunchbox anymore" :P Tue, 19:06: I'm now level 23 in Pokemon Go and this Slowpoke is the appropriate image to accompany that… https://t.co/9TMp9VS1TF

Tue, 20:49: RT nintendoamerica: All #FEHeroes players will receive 10,000 Hero Feathers if we reach 10,000 global RTs! Ends 6:59PM PT 2/7 (cc fe_hero

Wed, 02:04: Kuzu No Honkai is great, none of that "we can't hold hands!" bullshit and just gets on with the soft porn! XD #anime #scumswish

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