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People don't want to be friends, they just want to be famous
princess, sookylahlah
I feel like internet communities are dead.

I miss IRC. I miss forums. I miss Livejournal.
While these things are still around, their heydays have passed and ghost towns remain.

Social media platforms can be fun but they really are just shameless self promotion. How many likes? How many followers? How many retweets/reblogs/shares...? I feel like everyone just wants to have their egos stroked by these things and not actually talk to each other.

So I feel lost. Like I've got nowhere to go.

I've reduced the amount I visit facebook, I think I've mentioned this. I'm happier for it. Because in the end, people don't really give a shit whether you post or not. I feel that people like me better when I don't say anything. They just want to hit like on pretty pictures and move on. They don't care about my existential crisis' or personal life. Even though I tried to "connect" with others by offering kind words of encouragement and or just random "hey I like this thing too" kinda stuff on their posts, I feel like I didn't really get much back. Of course, there are a select few people that have always been kind to me. But in general it just feels like no one actually likes me or wants to talk to me.

I've just deleted a bunch of people from twitter and mostly follow "official" accounts so it's more like a news feed. I feel like people just follow you hoping for the followback... and then unfollow you later. Like they just want to boost their followers count and not actually be friends. I notice that a lot of the recent accounts that follow me are very "self promotion" looking in their profiles rather than just everyday people.

I still rant personal life on twitter because it's the easiest way to crosspost to livejournal when I'm out and about. Because let's face it the Livejournal Mobile App is a fucking pile of steaming shit. It never works or lets me post anything despite being logged in.

Lately I've been using Discord a lot because with my personal friends we've got our own little channel. It's not quite the same as IRC yet where everyone has good discussions. Mostly we just post funny pictures. But I hope it will be more like a chat room where I can feel connected to my friends like #PSO was back in the day.

It's weird to have social anxiety yet crave social comfort.
I don't want to be famous, I just want good friends.

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I feel pretty much the same. Facebook has changed how I interact with people online for the worse. I have almost no desire to engage with it and if it wasn't for Messenger becoming kind of vital now I would have probably closed my account. I felt better connected to more people on an old chat protocol from the late 80s than I do on the current biggest social media thing going in 2017.

Discord does seem promising. I don't think it'll ever replicate IRC as it is designed in a rather different way but the more some of us use it like that the more it will come to resemble it. I think all (or most) of us still have strong habits of individually messaging people.

The private messaging system on Discord doesn't seem the best, so it's not quite the "all in one" that IRC was. So yeah, still need Viber, Line, Messenger etc.

Facebook made me feel so isolated and lonely. And now that it's killed everything else, there's no where to go back to. I loathe it so much for that.

Yeah, the way it's built means it has those shortfalls.

Agreed on Facebook. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching people put on a play that actually no one cares about.

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