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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Why is everyone grabbing their pitchforks lately?
what, shock
The internet has always been the place for flame wars. Which brings amusement at times I'll admit.

But I feel like a lot of discussion is being derailed by people instantly demonizing others. Everything is being picked apart and taken out of context to fuel hatespeech. I feel like people just want to get on some highhorse and point fingers at everyone but themselves.

Ok yes, sometimes we say things we shouldn't say. You agree "my bad" and try to be more mindful of your words. Just because a friend said something not so great, doesn't mean you have to expell them from your life. I feel like we learn from each other how to be better people.

Celebrities are people too. Just because they are on a public stage, doesn't mean they don't slip up once in awhile and say something stupid. Of course, they do need to take a little more responsiblity and issue public apologies and all that. But again, I feel like people are too quick to scream "BURN THE WITCH!"

I'll just put it out there that I dislike America's new president and think he's a piece of human trash. However I am getting very fucking sick of every nitpicking little article coming up in my social media feeds to the point where I think I need a keyword blocker.

As a German descendant, I very much dislike Nazi jokes. Do I feel the need to crucify a certain youtube celebrity that made such a joke and had it epicly backfire on his career? No, I do not. Sure the guy is a douche. But I have better things to do than fixate on interenet celebrity junk stories.

I may not like some people but I never wish for their death. I saw a screenshot recently of a thread about Athiests where a bunch of Christians were commenting things like "they should all just die".... like woah guys.... settle... the ... fuck... down.

And then we have this moron trying to pick a fight with me on a friends facebook post about an apparent lack of male leads in Disney films. I state that there's plenty of other films out there with "boring old male leads" and Disney doesn't need to focus on it and suddenly I'm being "sexist"

I am just about fucking done with facebook. But unfortunately I cannot deactivate my account because I need it for work releated stuff.

Between people trying to throw pitchforks at other people who are just trying to have a discussion and the people who are *actually* being sexist, racist, homophobic and sharing clickbait and fake news articles.. I am losing my patience.