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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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"Girl bruise, sad news, on her birthday"
princess, sookylahlah
Today (23rd) was Chez's birthday, we went out and watched an Evangelion movie marathon at Century City. It was good to watch them all again and on a big screen with friends too.

We came back here and we were watching some random stuff when my parents showed up. I thought they had just come around to say happy birthday to Chez but when they came in the room they were acting strangely.

Then they told us that on saturday night, our cousin Jason was killed in an accident.

I feel awful.

I was fighting with my cousin. It was unresolved. Now he's dead.

I was mad but I didn't want him to die. Fuck.

I can never fix it.