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PAX 2017
bishi, keh, smirk

This is the only photo I've got of my cosplay from Sunday. I didn't really bother getting any photos of myself because I was so busy enjoying the convention.

Didn't even take my DSLR to PAX this year, I kinda forgot but in retrospect it was one less thing to carry around and indoor con photos are never great. Just snapped a few photos of the FFXIV booth on my phone so I wasn't really in a photography mood.

There was meant to be an Overwatch cosplay meet on the Sunday but I didn't go to that either because there was so much of the convention I wanted to see instead.

Even with 3 days of PAX, you can never quite see everything as there is so much to do! I had a great time. I saw most of the Omegathon rounds, I think I only missed the first one.

  • Mon, 11:46: The Free! boys have broken the KyoAni curse. Season 3 coming next year. So happy!!


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