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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Melbourne Cup Day - More like play videogames day
bishi, keh, smirk

  • Tue, 09:09: Awww yessss Public Holiday here in Melbourne... time to play videogames :D

Tried to play Destiny 2 and the NBN crapped out, so that was the end of that. Me and Ethan went to Knox for lunch and had a browse around the shops for a little bit. I ended up buying the 3 Amiibo's for Mario Odyssey. I mainly wanted Peach but somehow Ethan convinced me to buy the whole set. We're such enablers on each other when it comes to buying figures lol. Got a strawberry milkshake from San Churro's and it was amazing.

Played Mario Odyssey of course when I got home. Put Mario in a dress as soon as I found the next Amiibo scan point.
Ethan was playing Nier Automata. The game looks really pretty but I think I might get bored of the button mash gameplay, so I'm not sure if I'll try it out myself. But I like the cute shota boy :3