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Bumblebee was much better than the last few Transformers films
bishi, keh, smirk

I went to see Bumblebee yesterday and was pleasantly surprised on how the writing has improved. I actually felt engaged with the movie and characters. Unlike the last few Transformers movies which got stupid and boring.

So anyways we actually got a female protagonist that wasn't useless and just there to be a sexy lamp. She was into alternative music, working on cars and certainly was not popular at school, but avoided being a manic pixie dream girl as she wasn't there to be someones girlfriend and prop up a mans story of enlightenment. Even though she did make a male friend, in the end of the movie there was no hamfisted romance. You can see a bond between these characters has grown but I really liked that it didn't end on a corny make out scene.

We need more leading girls in action movies. And if dudes are whiney that there is no strong male co-star...um hello, Bumblebee was the male star of this movie and was plenty badass. If you can't self insert into a giant robot then you need to work on your imagination :P

As the movie was set in the 80's it made use of music from that era so it set the timeline well. We also got a nice nostalgia reference to "The Touch" from the Transformers animated movie.