Ranma memories

At Blucher St, the front door had blinds that would cover the window. Although Ranma would go nuts pawing at the blinds trying to see through when someone got home. (Usually me or Chez). So we had to keep them closed with this gap at the bottom for Ranma to see out.

He liked to steal your glass of water.

If there was a box, he had to be in it. Unless it was a proper cat house, then he really didn't want a bar of it.

He always "helped" with my cosplay. But hated wearing it himself.

Seriously these costumes stayed on for all of about 10 seconds because he wiggled and protested so much.

He loved videogames. My computer was warm and he'd sit on the outlet fan or I'd be on the couch with a blanket with a lap perfect for naptime, so he was there too. Sometimes pawing at the tail of my Mithra/Miqote in Final Fantasy.

As a kitten, his favourite toy was moosey. He'd carry it around in his mouth and even play fetch with us. After moosey fell apart, he never played with any soft toys like that again. But he still loved string and foil balls... and batting around chupa chups.

Kisses and snuggles were abundant. He loved to sleep on my head/neck. In the morning he would smooch and nuzzle my nose until I got up and fed him.

Waking up in the morning is the hardest part for me right now, because when I realise he's not here to give me morning kissies, my heart just breaks.


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