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18 October 1980
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New friends are welcome but please leave a small note to introduce yourself for a friends add back! I would like to warn you that I'm a yaoi fangirl and I swear a lot, so this journal is 18+

about unikorn's journal

I try to write everyday, but a lot of entries are set to friends only. I write about my life, my hobbies, rant about controversial subjects, post my artwork/cosplays/photography, try and nut out questions I have on life and the actions of others. It's a mix of everything that crosses my mind... the happy times and the sad times. It's my journey from the depths of heartbreak and trying to find my place in the world. I do not write to satisfy others, so I don't mind if you don't read everything. A little feedback is of course welcome if you have something to say! (It's awfully quiet around here these days!)

I frequently squee about anime, video games and BL. So I post a lot about these things!

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